Why I never DNF a book

Today I want to talk about DNF-ing books, something I NEVER EVER do. I’m sure there are lots of people who DNF books and don’t think twice about doing so. I get that. We read because we love it and if a book is seriously that awful to read, why bother finishing it, right?! It’s our hobby and hobbies should be fun. I understand if you DNF, I really do, but still I NEVER do it and don’t plan to change this habit of mine.

First of all, there’s always that feeling I have that I shouldn’t give up because it’s going to be better soon! It definitely will. Maybe some new twist will surprise me, or the plot will move forward in a good way or there’ll be a new character I like. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN that will make me enjoy it, right? Foolish, I know.


Yeah in some cases it works out. But we probably all now that in most cases it doesn’t get better. Nothing will make us suddenly like the book. We might dislike it even more! I know this, but I don’t listen to my own reasoning.

However, I have another reason for never DNF-ing a book, which is also my main reason!

What you might not know about me is that I live in the Netherlands. Finding books in English here is quite hard, so I always order my books from either The Book Depository or Amazon. You can imagine that if bookstores not even have much books in English (let alone Young Adult ones!) libraries on the other hand even have a more limited selection.

So yeah, you can imagine how I feel every time I’m reading a book I seriously dislike enough I want to DNF. I’m raging. I’m furious. I’m disappointed in myself for believing the hype. But most importantly: I PAID MONEY FOR THIS??


In my opinion, I would not mind to DNF a book if it was a library book. I will just bring it back without finishing and no harm is done. It’s not my book, I didn’t invest in it. I feel like this is my own inflicted curse for loving to read books in English as a Dutchie.

So yeah, I never DNF a book because I feel I’m wasting my money. Yes, I’m cheap like that.


Now I would like to know if YOU sometimes DNF books, or are you more like me? Also, if you read library books (or ARCs), do you find that you easier DNF those books than purchased ones?